Removed Hover on Image to Share or Pin

I have removed the hover-to-share or pin feature from the images on the site. This decision was made due to several reasons tied to the AddToAny dependency.


1. Legacy Code: 

The script AddToAny uses includes some legacy code and tag. I understand this outdated code has been left to support legacy browsers, but pageseed insights didn't care.

2. Page Speed: 

The AddToAny script added extra load to the page speed test results, impacting overall performance because of the unused scripts.

3. Image & Lazy Load Compatibility:

 I recently enabled lazy-load images settings on Blogger and implemented the lazy load script. And This affects the AddToAny share image on hover function. 

How this happens

When the share image function loads, lazy-load causes images not visible in the viewport to act as if they aren't there, preventing the AddToAny script from functioning properly. 

Additionally, most Blogger images are wrapped in a 'separator' div class container, but the AddToAny script is designed to select the img tag directly, leading to display issues.

Yes: All these issues are technically fixable.

I've written about 

This feature might be reinstated if there are enough requests for it. Personally, I don't need it. Do you use it? If yes, I can add it back.

Please write your comments or send a webmention

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