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As part of my commitment to helping people, i offer certain conditions under which  products on this site become available for free. The availability of free products is determined by specific purchase targets or tasks that need to be completed.

When a product meets a certain purchase target set, it becomes free for a limited time. This allows me to reward customers and supporters who have contributed to reaching the purchase goal. By making a purchase, not only do you get the main deal but you also support me in creating more contents and products.

Additionally, certain tasks such as sharing, referring, engagement, or interaction can also unlock free listings for products. These tasks may have their own conditions and requirements, and completing them successfully leads to the temporary availability of the listed free products.

It's important to note that the free products listed are not the original versions, and their availability is limited and subject to time constraints or unforeseen circumstances that may result in their removal.

I greatly appreciate those who make purchases as they play a vital role in enabling the listing of products for free. If you refer a friend to make a purchase and the purchase sales target is met, it further contributes to the availability of free listings.

Thank you for your support, and I  encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities to obtain free products by participating in the specified tasks or making purchases.

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