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S David Prince

Alias: Sodeinde David

A GenZ Lad, Ambitiously Focused on Creating


I wish I have more than 24 hrs in a Day

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Artist, Author, Comic artist, Comic creator, Digital content creator, Illustrator, Writer, Blogger, Graphics designer, Programmer, Frontend developer, Animator, Digital marketer, Educator, Solopreneur, Infoprenuer, Enterprenuer, Speaker, Web designer, Blogger expert, Digital Proffesional, Mobile proffessional, Computer Operator, Hardware engineer, Digital consultant and coach

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Hey there ! SDavidPrince here!

You made  it this far to know more about me

I'm Sdavidprince. The name is a pseudonym that I am proud of. I also use SDeePee / SDP, and DeePee as aliases.

My real name is Sodeinde David.  Besides this, I have a lot of Given names and nicknames as my Identity.

I am tagged the GenZ lad. I'm not as serious as you think and I'm not as un-serious either. I'm not all that fun and I reciprocate respect and every attitude poached to me.

Friends call me  3 parallel lines, Cyber Monster, Guro, David the Goliath... I wrote on this here😌

Who am I

Am a Nigerian, an African l, a Black πŸ™ƒ and I love Art.

Do you know why they say I'm 3 parallel lines? It's because I'm an Artist venturing into Commerce and Inventing.

I am an Artist, Writer, Digital Professional, Creator, Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

If you happen to be a Nigerian, you would understand that you can't be in Art, Commercial, and Science at the same time in school these are considered different ventures, but not to me.

What I do

I create Digital Content ( write-ups, visual narratives, videos tools ...)

I sell Digital Products ( Guides, resources, Books...)

I render Digital Services ( branding, setups, solutions, fixes, consultation...)

I also manage a Brand (SDP Digital that provide all these.

Alongside I manage this site and my name SDavidPrince a Brand with a bunch of other sub-sites .

My personal mission is to help prospective Creative minds and Entrepreneurs pursue and achieve their dreams.

Everything I do, from building tools to creating content, aligns with my personal mission of helping anyone push to be a creative, start or build their businesses or brand and Be Financially Free.

I take my career as a Journalist, and a Digital entrepreneur, and I firmly believe building a personal brand is an essential aspect of taking the challenge, staying relevant, and being an Entrepreneur while I still remain an Artist, a Digital Creative and Professional.

This Site is an effort to manage my personal branding along with my other activities of interest.

My interest

I have an immense interest in anything Art, tech, cyber, business, personal development, self improvement, education, recreation, exploration, making money, trying new things,  blogging, content marketing, social media,  and other digital landscape topics. You will see me create content around  these Interests

My focus

I love new exposure, experience, and knowledge. I enjoy trying new stuff, engaging, and creating.

I strongly believe in Knowledge, Skills, and proficiency.

My unwavering ambition revolves around the core desire to learn, create, and hone my skills.

I want to make lots of stuff. I want to make articles, books, websites, visual narratives, comics, animations, videos, music, companies, businesses, systems, apps, innovative concepts, and new ideas.

This burning passion is guiding the majority of my life choices. I'm resolute in saying 'no' to nearly everything that doesn't align with this purpose, ensuring I have ample time for the art of making and creating.

I also want to learn lots of stuff, especially different approaches to thinking, doing things, and living. That’s why I love to get exposed, discover, read, engage, and explore.

I don't remember having a talent and I have been tauted for that as a kid. I kept myself always in a learning mode and will keep honing my skills and staying good in whatever I do. 

I’ve optimized my life for creating and learning. I’ve minimized ) engaging in most things from my life that most normal people in my age group do — (like hanging out partying and all that ) — in pursuit of  bigger goals. 

The Ultimate Goal and Push here is to be the best version of myself.  To be S David Prince

I love flying Solo and also have an open room for collaboration.

I thrive on the duality of independence and collaboration. 

It’s a very personal pursuit. It’s not business — it’s more like art. 

Me flying solo is because of my personal pursuit

πŸ₯΄ I usually don't consider how long a project would take me. I've been writing my novel Spirit Tales since 2014. I fearlessly explore uncharted territories, taking the lead with creative ventures. The rewards are internal.

Yet, at the same time, I keep an open room for collaboration, recognizing the immense power that diverse perspectives and joint efforts can bring. No one knows the side effects and demerits of flying other than me.

I know that this unique combination of self-reliance and a welcoming spirit makes me an exciting and innovative force in any project I undertake.

My journey 

Since  I was little I have always been keen on writing and drawing which I still do now coupled with some bunch of other Arts.

My parent didn't want me to be exposed to the digital space at first but I would also sneak into the internet every time and boom here am I today; It built me and made me cry several times😢.

I grew up in a Farmhouse, Farming is My Family Business and I still manage the family farm on a middle scale along with my other interests. I also have a personal restricted site on my life in the farm

I am pursuing a Journalism career and is under-spoken and overlooked as it remains a work in progress. πŸ€—

I studied at the Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ) and that's where I improved more on my writing skills along with some self-improvement and adjustment.

I am always guided by ethics and I'm disciplined. 

I work as a freelance journalist and still studying. And creating.

My Digital journey started with having lots of social handles lol. Then I got to searching and testing out different digital tools and services.

I got entangled in Social media, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and Digital branding. I have also tested out lots of tools and platforms.

I love finding out new stuff, researching past ones, and testing or trying out anything of interest.

I have tolled all over the digital space and the internet; Finally, in August 2023 I got to have my website hosted on my own custom domain 

The rest you know πŸ€—

I am still growing I am helping Brands and Creatives grow.

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