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I'm SDavidPrince; Welcome to my Little corner of the Web
I wield the pen and stand behind whatever comes from it. That's my ultimate art and power.
As a guy without talents, I'll keep learning, exploring, and solving problems. See what i'm Doing Now

"If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small step!"

SDavidPrince here! a writer, artist, entrepreneur" and by interest a designer and a geek - I wear many hats, but my passion for creating, storytelling and innovation and exploration remains constant. I use this site to express myself, share my contents and other helpful resources. Everyone is free to dream.

I love creating and helping others. I produce diverse content and offer services that support personal and corporate branding, development, and growth. I've explored various ventures. Don't skip the part that states that I am a farm boy and an aspiring Journalist. That's my origin story!

I spend most of my time now on my Agribusiness and on the other hand building a career in Journalism [two paths not related ]. When I'm free, I'm either writing or drawing, coding or browsing my bookmarks. And when I'm not, I continue my digital adventure, watch movies, play games or spend some time with the Girlfriend no one belived I had. A never re-live a single day and I need more than 24hrs in a day

Web Development
Consulting & Coaching
Branding and Identity
Art / Graphics

WRITEUPS / Research

sdavidprince blog

Written Works / RESEARCH

I specialize in creating impactful written contents,and leveraging my background in journalism. You can find my posts and articles here and across various platforms, including guest posts. I authored 'How to Start and Manage a Successful Catfish Farming Business'. I Hope to publish more books / literatures in the future. I'll keep honing my writing skills.

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sdp comics

SDavidPrince Comics

Drawing Comics have been another avenue for me to express my idea. When words seem too lengthy, visual narratives offer a compelling alternative. I am the artist and author behind comic series such as "Ricko Talks" "I Am Digital Savvy " and "Kingdom Animalia." Whether it's through long-form comics, short comics, or comic strips, I love to bring stories to life in captivating ways.

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Art / Graphics

sdavidprince art and graphics

Grahics and Visual Art

I keep challenging myself to create visual contents to get better. No visual artist is at his peak. Most time I just draw, doodle or sketch to pass away time. It's not something I have talent for but it became a part of me. It's all self learning and improvement.✔️ The Graphics on this site were all done by me. and I also design the Infographics

Visit My Gallery

Web Design & Development

sdavidprince resources

Web Design & Development

With my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge, I specialize in developing frontend tools and designs. I create websites, web apps, and widgets, and constantly expanding my skill set to include other programming languages. I'm Committed to delivering innovative solutions. View Codes, Scripts and Snippets

Creative Resources

sdavidprince resources

Creative Resources

I create Resources that would aid my content creation work flow and to be of use to any creative (enthusiasts and creators). You'll find my shared ebooks, guides, courses, tutorials, and templates related to writing, graphics design, web development, and online marketing. Be a part of the Community

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Content Creation & Writing Services

sdavidprince writing services

Writing Service

Freelance Writing: I Provide high-quality written content for articles, blog posts, essays, and more ~ Copywriting: I Craft compelling copy for advertisements, marketing materials, and websites. ~ Ghostwriting: I can also Create written content under the client's name or brand. ~ Editing and Proofreading: I try as much as possible to Ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency in all of my written materials.

Graphic Design & Art Services

sdavidprince art and graphics

Graphic Design / Art Commision

I can help you design visuals for branding, marketing materials, social media, and websites. I also offer illustration services for various purposes, storytelling, including books, websites, and advertisements.

Branding & Identity Services

Branding & Identity Services

I have an experience in helping individuals establish and enhance their personal brand and identity. I can help you develop branding strategies and assets for your business, including logos, color schemes, and brand guidelines.

Web Development & Design Service

sdavodprince web design and development

Web Development & Design Service

I can help you Design and develop a website tailored to your needs, preferences, and any purpose. I also help in Customizing existing websites or templates, adding features and widget, fixing and improving website performance and speed to enhance UI and SEO. {Blog, Landing page, Comic site, ECormmerce store, Wordpress, Blogger, Wix ...}

Digital Marketing & Social Media Services

sdavidprince marketing

Digital /Online Marketing & Social Media Services

I can help you manage and optimize your social media accounts to increase engagement, followers, and brand visibility. I can develop customized digital marketing strategies to reach target audiences and achieve business goals. Plus, I create and distribute valuable, relevant content to attract and engage audiences online, I run FB ads that converts, and more lead / traffic generation techniques.

Coaching & Consultation Services

 sdavidprince consult and coaching

Coaching & Consultation Services

I provide personalized guidance and support for individuals seeking to explore and navigate the digital landscape. I offer expert advice and strategic insights to help clients develop and refine their brand identity and messaging. And also, I tailor educational resources and materials to meet the specific learning needs and goals of clients. { blogging, digital / affiliate marketing, Artificial Inteligence, earning online and staying safe }

Research / Testing / Review

sdavidprince tests and researches

Researching / Testing /Sourcing / Reviewing

I thrive on exploring and experimenting with new online innovations. Offering a unique research and sourcing service, I tailor solutions to your specific needs or inquiries. Instead of endless searching, I bring the answers directly to you. Additionally, if you have a program in development, count on me to assist in rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and effectiveness

SDP Network

sdp network by sdavidprince

SDP Network

SDPnet is my digital services brand. It focuses on providing a range of digital solutions, including marketing (social media, influencer campaigns, local audience) , creative (graphic design, video editing, photography stock) and branding services (web decelopment, brand identity, SEO). My big projects would also be hosted by SDPnetwork


sdavidprince community

SDavidPrince Community

Comming Soon


agroverse by sdavidprince

Argro Verse

Would be active Soon

Business Post NG

business post

Business Post

Note: Businesspost is not owned by me and i'm not a part of the editorial body. At BusinessPost.ng, I began my journey as an intern in 2021, writing business news and reporting on the Naira foreign exchange turnover. It was here that I gained the confidence and experience to continue writing professionally. The adventure I had at BusinessPost holds a special place in my memory.I wrote over 230 news stories on the platform

Take a visit

Christain Library NG

christian library by sdavidprince

Christain Library NG

Christain Library contains a treasure trove of over 400 Christian books, each bearing unique themes and authored by renowned figures in the faith. This library holds a special significance as it was curated for my mother during her time at seminary, where she pursued her studies in theology. Many of these books also feature my personal commentary, adding a deeper layer of insight and reflection to their timeless wisdomWould be Opened for the public soom active Soon

All Projects - Portfolio

sdavidprince creations

All Projects - Portfolio

This is a dedicated page to showcase a diverse range of projects that demonstrate my expertise, creativity, and dedication.

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