Angry Heart Emoji No comment is very bad
No Comments? Really 

Yes, friends, do you know what upsets a website owner the most? No comments should be made on his Writeup. 

Because it is nice to see that 70, 80 people entered in the first days of a post, but please do not just read the articles and leave. 

Always try to Write your thoughts below or at least say thank you if you liked it and it was useful to you 😤. 

Lemme tell you something you do not know; a fact, a Webmaster is like an artist. 

An artist cannot be happy without applause, and the Website Owner cannot be happy without comments.

And me being a Combination of both 😩🤧. ...

 Well I will continue to do my good works 🥹 Notwithstanding but still I will still need feedbacks or don't you guys like the Disqus Comment system I use?.

If something bad or wrong, let me know. It doesn't matter whether it is good or bad, your comments are valuable to me... 

Because when comments come, I'm filled with pleasure, saying "yes, people like what I do, I should do better, I should be more careful", and if the comment is negative, it would ignite me to wondering where I am missing. 

As the owner of this site, 🥺 please comment by thinking about these issues, do not write a thank you under everything just for the sake of words, your actual comment is more important to Me.

 I would appreciate it if you could comment on the articles you read... Thank you

Abi I should knee ni 😐

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