Added a 'Listen to Blog Post' Feature: New Read Aloud Function

Listen to post on blogger

Hey SDavidPrince here!

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 I have just added a Read Aloud Feature, a Listen to  Post Function. 

This was requested by Micheal 

This feature would allow you to listen to the content of  blog posts instead of reading them. Whether you're on the go, multitasking, or simply prefer auditory learning, this feature lets you absorb  content with ease. [hopefully]

Well there are many third party tools for this but i just opt for a workaround. 

I needed to something not heavy though since this is not a big scale feature this site needed: so i don't want the hassel, setup, cost, and complexity of these third-party tools.

If i were to be a Wordpress User, i would have opt for one of these.

Here Are My Top Recommend Host to Implement this Feature

After searching Alas I found a somewhat dependent way to add this feature on any html site and site that are viewed using browsers.

You have to access the site with a compatible web browser to use

How to Use the "Read Aloud" Feature

You can Listen to Blog Posts" and it is straightforward. When you open a blog post, you'll see the controls right at the top of the page:

- Click the "Play" button to start listening to the post.

- If you need to pause or resume, simply click the "Pause" button.

- If you wish to stop the playback, click the "Stop" button.

Hehehe this tool uses your browser's Text-to-Speech (TTS) API. Your browser's TTS technology is responsible for reading aloud, though it may occasionally experience some hiccups. The Pause and Play might not work as expected but you can Just tap on the [Read Aloud] button and use the [stop] button to stop.

This workaround is just a script that extracts the content from the headings and paragraphs within the post and converts it into speech.

Also the model cant be trained by me, voice is set to be your browser default [😱 is your browser a lady ] and word detection and pronunciation is based on  your Browser.

And that's the advantage of these third party tools. Some are integrated with AI and some even have options of choosing different voices, tone, accent, talk speed, gender, and even language with some other advance options.

HeheheπŸ˜… Wordpress users.... No comment

Medium Writers πŸ‘€...

Back to the Gang who have to code,  I have written a post on how you can also use the browser api for Text to Speech.

Implementation Overview:

- The Browser API JavaScript script allows readers to listen to the content of your blog posts.

- The script selects various HTML elements within your blog post content (headings and paragraphs).

- It combines the text content of these elements into a single string.

- It uses the SpeechSynthesis API to convert the text into speech and read it aloud.

- And I  included controls for play, pause, and stop functionality.

Thanks to the sources where I sourced from

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future. Thank you for being a part of this community 


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