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🎉 Update:

Hey there,

I'm excited to bring you yet another update that's all about improving your browsing experience on the website. As you explore the content, you'll notice a fantastic addition to the sidebar – the all-new Sidebar Tab Section,  A widget sourced from MyBloggerLab.

I had to live the design done by Mybloggerlab it fits it site theme as I thought.

This feature was initially powered by jQuery, but I've gone ahead and transformed it into JavaScript as it appears there might be a hiccup with the jQuery script compatibility, possibly due to the transition from jQuery 1 to the latest version.

Tab widget section

 Here is the page I sourced it from

Now, let's talk about what the Sidebar Tab Section brings to the table. It's all about making navigation a breeze. I've categorized the blog content into two neat tabs: Posts, Labels and Archives. With just a click, you can switch between these tabs and access a world of content that's organized for your convenience.

The Post and Labels tab lets you explore recent, featured or popular contents and also based on different categories and topics.  This tab lets you dive straight into what interests you the most.

On the other hand, the Archives tab is your gateway to exploring content based on the date it was published. It's a great way to journey back in time and discover articles and insights that were shared in the past.

I had to make this change because the widgets and stuffs on the sidebar is so cramped and very long. It even irritates me on desktop and as that infinite scrolling on mobile for what. 

Now that widget will load simultaneously in three tabs it might improve the speed of the site.

I'm also committed to ensuring that every enhancement I make to the website serves your needs and provides you with a delightful experience. 

I encourage you to explore the other areas of the website and enjoy the fresh content that's available.

As always, I value your feedback immensely. If you encounter any issues, have suggestions, or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out. Your insights guide me in fine-tuning the website to make it the best it can be.

Here's to smoother navigation, easier exploration, and a fantastic reading journey ahead!

 S David Prince 
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