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This domain got online recently but this is not my First site blogger blog, You will notice I'm still importing some still relevant contents to this domain.

Formerly hosted on sdavidprince.blogspot.com, I have always used the Free InBio template by Sora

I do not know why i'm so adamant to continue with the Blogger platform  maybe it's because of this template or the fact that " I learned basic programing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) through this platform and I love making changes alot.

Staring with the free inbio template has limited design tho. Wished I had brought myself to purchase the premium back in 2022 when i stumbled across this template, but back then I was not in that capacity to make the purchase.

Not being able to make purchase at that time and not liking the limited design and function of the free version of inbio template, I pushed myself with lots of customizations made to have that premium look.

I coded out the premium sections, and Using the  styles from the free Inbio template and other scripts and widget across the web thanks to the great community,  I got to craft out my own template which I name AllOne Theme. 

The name comes from aiming to having it All in One. This template tho is not available for the public. Only this site uses is and only this site is allowed to use it.

I didn't call it Inbio again because it has gotten too personal and i had to build it from scratch.

I added new sections, functionalities and design I thought I needed. I even added adaptive functions to what is seen on comic page and comics posts, also carving our the store section for the site. The homepage also now has a dynamic marquee at the top. Many more....

 Check the changelog page or use the SiteLog label tag to see changes and evolvement on this site template.

I don't if it is legal but i'm sure i don't have illegal intentions, and all credits still goes to Inbio.

If you like the template I will advice you to purchase the premium inbio template.

This link will take you there

Or just see it live

{getButton} $text={Demo} $icon={preview} $color={Hex Color}

In more recent posts I would be sharing my scripts, widgets and plugins and from different pioneers across the web with the likes of MBT, Xomisse, and many more. checkout Credits.

About InBio Template

InBio Blogger Template contains a highly understandable design with a lot of amazing features that are going to serve you best.

 You can achieve a good ranking on different search engines because of its fast nature. It is user- friendly and contains social plugins ready. The multiple sections help in displaying the content in the best possible way. It is super easy to perform changes in the code and make it according to your requirements. 

It works perfectly with every screen size. It provides different customization options so that every person can make their own required portfolio blogs.

 It is good for those who want to create a one-pager portfolio layout in different niches. 

Slideshow, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, No Sidebars, Business, Business and organization, Portfolio, Photography, Ads Ready, Seo Ready, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Post Responsive, Social Thumbnails, Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 3 Columns, WhatsApp Sharing, Google, Grid, Black, White, AMP.

What I love about it

1. Fresh Look and Feel: A new design welcomes you.

2. Enhanced Navigation:  Finding content is a breeze.

3. Responsive Design: It looks great on any device.

4. Improved Readability: Nice Typography, Content is crystal clear.

5. Faster Load Times: Say goodbye to waiting. Good for readers and check in SEO.

Any other changes made on the site would be posted here 

Let's journey together, explore new horizons, and celebrate creativity.

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