Why do smart people in the room silence Creativity

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Yes I guess you don't know it that the smartest πŸ€“ person in the room can silence any creativity

Don't ask me how, ask my why? Sorry I know how; but I'm here to ask why.  

When I was thinking about this I saw that the how and why are the same. It's an intriguing question, and one that often arises from the dynamics of knowledge and expertise.

Let me share an experience that shed light on this issue. I was once part of a project team working on a concept called "OfforOn Light". The project aimed to create a software or web app that could indicate active electricity supply across different areas of Lagos, using a map to mark places with and without power.

I forgot how the English was put in the proposal, but I understood that the project call OfforOn will be like an app with a map or every street in Lagos with marking vof places where there is currently light and also indicates place where there is no light.  🌚 That's the Nigeria English I understand.

So there is this popular expert developer present in the roundtable. The aura of this guy, his posture everything seemed intimidating. I'll come back to him later 

I didn't care much about him because I believed we were all worthy and together we were brainstorming. I knew what I was there but actually in my mind I was like "what am I doing here? they made a mistake! πŸ˜†. I held my head high but the inner me at that time knew I was not on par with anyone there. That day I discovered I didn't know anything. 🫠 Not now.

I noticed a fellow team member, sitting next to me, who seemed equally intimidated. Unlike everyone else in the room both of us haven't contributed a bit but I noticed that his case is different he was thinking about something. I had a side chit chat with him; turned out he had a creative idea that could potentially breathe life into the project. Sorry for the little spoiler the project was a failure.

I'm not sure if it rebranded but as for now I haven't stumbled on something similar.

It's obvious that the aim of the project isn't that solid and far sighted. If you reason the purpose of the project you might call it dumb. I don't think any investor would love a project like that but this guy beside me has many improvement that according to me could add value to the project even though it's 80 percent out of the project. At least the project would stay.

Back to the smart mister, he was the one  dominating the discussions and he even dismisses ideas that don't align with his own.

This guy beside me never talked because he felt discouraged from sharing his thoughts.

After the whole thing when we're heading back to our various locations, my ear could pick the same discontent from other members.

I'm sure other too didn't want to get involved in it unless they add to the value but this guy carry it on his head and killed it. 

Reflecting on this, it became clear that the smartest person in the room can inadvertently stifle creativity when they monopolize discussions and steer them towards their own perspectives. This not only limits the exploration of diverse ideas but also undermines the collaborative spirit essential for innovation.

This experience taught me that while expertise is valuable, true innovation thrives in an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial, ensuring that diverse viewpoints are heard and respected.

 Sorry boss if you are reading this. You are one of the best whom I respect a lot. I've learned a lot from you and this is just a tiny bit of the learnings. Keep your good work. 😁 And thanks for the 5k.

🌚 Yes he is a good man in all aspects I know him for. I repeat he is not a villain (I never said that B.T.W). And he understands why I wrote this. I hit him up with my draft before posting.

So, to all the smart individuals out there: let's remember to embrace collaboration, encourage creativity, and create environments where every voice can contribute to shaping successful outcomes.

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