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This Post is to reveal my plan on 'IndiWebifying' this website which is hosted on blogger.

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For those who don't know

Indie means Independent and Independent + web = IndieWeb which in full = Independent Web

The IndieWeb is a movement started by web enthusiasts and developers to give individuals more control over their online presence and data. 

Its purpose is to enable people to own their content by hosting it on their own websites instead of relying on centralized social media platforms. 

By using tools like Webmentions and microformats, Indie Web users can interact with each other in a decentralized manner, sharing updates, comments, and likes across their personal domains. 

This approach promotes privacy, freedom, and control over one's online identity.

In all just see it as a social media without a social media platform. Users interact with their websites with they have control of.  

This movement tries to eliminate the dark patterns of tracking, manipulative algorithmic feeds, and surveillance capitalism with social site jave put in place.

I'm not the only one saying this.. I'm sure I read that somewhere and I'd reference later.

But seriously those are just part of the insecurities I get from social platforms and other publishing platforms. ads and push feed are the worst noise.

Mxm this is how the indieweb works

Like now, you have your own website, "yourname.com," and that is where you post blogs, photos, and updates. 

Instead of sharing these directly on social media, you publish them on your site. Using Indie Web tools, when you write a new blog post, your website can send a notification (Webmention) to another Indie Web user's site you referenced, like "anotherfriendsite.com." They can see your post, like it, or comment on it, all from their own website. 

This way, you both maintain control over your content while still interacting online, independent of platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

If I continue to talk about how cool the idea is This post will be filled and I won't have time for my reveal.

Dig more info yourself

Indieweb.org on Wikipedia or read this Post from a guy called Ben - It totally got me to hop on this year.

Allow Me Continue with My Reveal

I first stumbled upon this idea in 2020 when I saw the Indie Webring on a blog and discovered other sites in the loop. Since then, I've always had it in the back of my mind.

I remember I have once read  Derek Sivers' post about the Independent Web, and in 2021 I found Victoria Dev's blog post on same tech Independence topic . Since then, I have been seeing and visiting website of same direction.

Then I came across the term the indie web  and indieweb.org

At that time my knowledge about implementing it was still very shallow and I didn't even have a persona l site then. I was elsewhere trying different blog publishing platforms and website makers.

I also remember reading  Matthias Ott post about having a personal website verse. It was very helpful and still relevant. 

At mid  2023 I acquired this domain and hosted it on Blogger for free and it meets my needs for now. 

At first I had thought If a blogger site won't be be counted and considered as an indie since it a publishing platform and does not give total independence  because IndieWeb means 

✔️ Your content is yours

✔️ You are better connected

✔️ You are in control 

read  https://indieweb.org/why

Derek and Victoria posts talked about it that way too so i wasnt sure 

Because on blogger I don't have access to any server side or backend stuff which means im not fully in control.

Eish the doubt as been cleared. IndieWeb.org recognizes and accepts Blogger as a valid platform. 

Blogger is  listed on on Indieweb.org as a service that supports the IndieWeb.

hehe wordpress.com is also listed valid πŸ‘€ WordPress just had to be there I'm not jealous and no grudges πŸ€₯

MXM back to the post

I'll be using the guide from indiewebify.me  and also testing my progress there. 

According to the site, there are three levels to get to to be fully IndiWebified.

I’m automatically at level one since I have my site on my personal domain, and the Indie Web recognizes and accepts Blogger as a valid platform.

I didn't realize oh yeah Im' indie already πŸ₯΄. Now I can join the indiewebring . 

All you need to join the Indie webring is a website to get started. I have my website and Joining the Indie Webring marks the beginning of a journey I plan to build on.

To continue and complete this journey I'm following the guide of Indiefy.me till I get to level 3 hopefully.

There is a tutorial to set up an indie website on blogger  and the Greg McVerry tutorial referenced there leads to a #500 page and I was not able to view it. I had to view it from the Internet Archive. It is still helpful to me; I know have a good understanding on how to implement but as it looks It will lead nowhere pass level 2. 

To be fully indie-fied, I will have to get it done myself  which looks like a simple thing to do because I will be depending on external services. I need to set up my blogger site for microformat2, install Webmention, and connect to other social sites, the Fediverse, and other social sites. 

I still don't think with blogger I fully can achieve Derek sivers and victoria's definition of tech independence but I'm looking forward to it. I hope to document my workaround.

And I don't know I might even leave Blogger eventually, but for now, I have 90% control over my site there, I guess 🀷🏾‍♂️ and that’s a good start.

Challenges I see Ahead

Restructuring my Blogger template and implementing IndieWeb, Webmention, and microformat2 will be challenging since I'm new to all this and there's not much documentation for Blogger. mxm I claim to be a developer but I'm lazy 😡😡 and that's why I'm sticking to blogger.

There are advance Indieweb guides from people like Aaron Parecki and Chris Aldrich but not a blogger user friendly. 

I wish I could just sit here and call a Indie Web customer care support or one of these wonderful Indies to help me set everything up πŸ˜….  Turns out everything It's open source and indie web works in a way that do it all yourself but on blogger I don't even have control of my server side and I couldn't find a straight tutorial.   

It's a drag... I'm going to be visting 'edit template' section of my blogger dashboard and seeing making changes, and adding some lines of codes; when I'm supposed to be drawing 'Not a ponzi scheme'. At least I will get to flex my developer skills.

πŸ₯΄  thanks for reading 

Don't blame me for posting it this way usually it only stays on my now page only 

Happy raining season ☔🌧️


-Indie: Independent.

- Indie Web: A network of independently owned and operated websites.

- IndiWebifya process to become a citizen or join the IndieWeb

- Webring: A collection of linked websites with a similar theme or interest.

- Indie Webring: A webring for independent web creators.

- Indie-fied: Fully integrated into the indie web ethos.

- Fediverse: Interconnected but independent servers for web publishing and social networking.

- Social Sites: Platforms like Twitter.

- Microformat2: Simple, open data formats built on existing standards.

- Webmention : A web standard for mentions and conversations across the web.

- Silos: Centralized platforms or services that control user data and interactions, e.g., Facebook, Twitter.

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