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I recently fixed the structure of the menu bar on my site. 

While it seemed complex to me, feedback from others suggested it was fine. 

However, search engines were still struggling to understand it.

Through various readings, trial and error, I discovered that the problem was in the structure. 

The schema and screen reader accessibility structure were slightly off. It's a good thing I bookmarked search engine journal and read from there everyday. That's where I learnt more that I was able to pinpoint the problem myself.

I never knew anything was wrong until I recently see the lines of code and figured it out. The bug must have happened when I was setting the menu links.

To fix this, I re-did the markup for structured data and screen reader accessibility. 

Now, search engine bots can crawl almost the entire site directly from the menu bar. All the pages are interlinked effectively.


After implementing these fixes, I saw impressive results. 

My site’s pages now appear in Google’s snippet results, displaying metadata, descriptions, and quick links to pages. This means search engines now understand the structure of my site.

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For those looking to optimize their own menu bar or noticed the sane problem, I'll be post on how to structure a menu bar the best way that worked for me.

Please write your comments or send a webmention

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