Added ShareThis to the Site

Added ShareThis to the Site

I’ve made some changes to the site’s sharing features, now integrating ShareThis. Initially, while creating this template, I skipped adding share buttons, relying on third-party sharing widgets instead.

Evolution of this site Sharing Widgets:

1. Shareaholic: 

I started with Shareaholic, which, despite being lightweight and feature-rich, had many unwanted features like related posts. It felt too proprietary, leading me to switch.

2. AddThis: 

I moved to AddThis, but after a while, they shut down their services.

3. AddToAny: 

AddToAny was great because it was free, didn't require an account, and didn't demand credits. However, it used legacy codes and less lightweight scripts, which ultimately led to performance issues.

I removed AddToAny with the intention of creating a custom share button for the site to eliminate dependency on external widgets. I tried implementing an online solution, but it didn’t meet my flexibility and aesthetic standards. I wonder if you noticed the changes—it just didn’t look right to me.

Why ShareThis?

I decided to try ShareThis, the next popular social sharing tool, to see if it better meets the site's needs.


I might eventually develop a custom-built share button that integrates with popular social media platforms and potentially the fediverse too.

Do you use the share buttons? Personally, I think they’re just fancy extras.

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