We all know Blogger as a platform that champions freedom of expression in Free blogging and Site management. 

However, this freedom comes with certain responsibilities and boundaries outlined in Blogger's Content Policy and Guidelines. 

If you use Blogger this is something you have to follow so your account doesn't get banned or your blog doesn't get deleted. Yes and if you don't know blogger have the right to stop your blog from operating if it violates their policies. Which is why am bring it you the notice of fellow blogger users.

Last week I was having a talk to one of my blogger pal and you complained about blogger deleting his site. I actually do no know about this not until then and that is when the topic got my interest and I did a lot of follow ups on it.

Know the Blogger Policy And Guidelines

Understanding the Framework:

Blogger's Content Policy is grounded in the principles of legal compliance and the enhancement of the service as a whole.

 It encourages healthy debate, the availability of information, and the forging of new connections between people.

 To maintain these values, certain boundaries have been defined, and blogger Users are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding them.

Key Guidelines for Bloggers:

Adult Content:

 Note Blogger has no Issues with Adult contents.

But While adult content is permitted, blogger Users are cautioned against using Blogger as a means to profit from adult material. It emphasizes the prohibition of illegal sexual content.

Again if you deliver Adult contents, you have to toggle it in your blogger settings so that your visitors would be informed. This is the regulation and protection placed on the internet.

Also take note that you Site has the risk of being deleted if you don't mark this set-up. 

Read: How to Mark your Blogger Blog for Adult Contents

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation:

 Blogger platform users are unequivocally prohibited from creating, uploading, or distributing content that exploits or abuses children. 

Google takes strict actions, including reporting to authorities, for any such violations.

This is certainly a no go area if you want to keep a Blogger Site and why the hell should you engage in this.

Dangerous and Illegal Activities: 

Yes this is proper and no good host would give chance for this. As a Blogger user, you are urged not to engage in illegal activities or promote content causing serious harm to people or animals. 

Exceptions are made for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic content.

And if these exceptions are applicable to your content, make your you make it known. Make like a notice box that informs users and bots to be clear and transparent. This way you will have no problem with Blogger.

Harassment, Bullying, and Threats:

 The Blogger policy sternly condemns harassment, bullying, and threats, making it clear that online harassment can have serious offline consequences. 

It also emphasizes the illegal nature of online harassment in many places.

Take note there is no other way to bypass this you have to stay good and clean.

Hate Speech:

I'm also against hate speech, and as for Blogger policy and guidelines, every Blogger user is explicitly prohibited from engaging in hate speech, promoting violence, or inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on various characteristics.

Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity:

 I guess in every country this is also a criminal act and it can't be condoned anywhere else too this applies to using the blogger platform.

The policy prohibits the impersonation of individuals or organizations, emphasizing the importance of accurate representation.

Misleading Content:

 Bloggers are advised against distributing content that deceives, misleads, or confuses users, particularly content related to civic and democratic processes, harmful conspiracy theories, and manipulated media.

Misleading content in simple terms refers to information that tricks or confuses people. Here are some examples:

  • Fake Voting Information: Spreading false details about voting dates or procedures during elections to confuse voters.
  • Health Hoaxes: Sharing made-up stories or remedies that claim to cure diseases but have no scientific basis.
  • Conspiracy Theories: Spreading false ideas that certain groups or individuals are secretly controlling events to cause harm.
  • False Celebrity News: Creating stories about celebrities that are not true, aiming to grab attention or create controversy.
  • Financial Scams: Promoting fake investment opportunities or schemes to trick people into giving away their money.
  • Misleading Product Reviews: Providing false information or praising a product dishonestly to boost sales.
  • Photoshopped Images: Altering pictures to deceive people about what really happened in a situation.
  • Political Misinformation: Spreading false information about political candidates or events to influence opinions.
  • Fake Endorsements: Falsely claiming that a well-known person or organization supports a certain product or idea.
  • Misleading Headlines: Using sensational or exaggerated headlines that don't accurately represent the content of a blog post.

Non-Consensual Explicit Imagery (NCEI):

 The policy strictly prohibits the storage or distribution of private explicit content without the subject's consent.

Always learn to avoid this, or ask for permission from the private owner and make it known, like giving credit or link attribute.  This way would reduce the chances of your blog being deleted by blogger.

Violence and Gore:

Bloggers are warned against distributing violent or gory content primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or gratuitous.

If need be as your content is in this format always try to find a way to keep it blur with proper placement of an info box that keeps everyone informed of such contents.

This is the best practice not to get your site removed from the platform.

Try Out: Integrate NSFW on Blogger 


In my opinion every creator, producer, publisher, should respect copyright. Respect people's works and stop stealing.

The Blogger policy respects copyright and responds to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement.

If need be to take another person content or material, ask for permission.

You can also always try to add your value or content it it that would be helpful to your viewers and you can also give credit to the original owner of the material.

If you follow a clean guide, Blogger would have no reason to seize your blog from existing.

Enforcement of Blogger's Content Policy:

When reported, content is reviewed to verify violations. Actions taken range from placing a warning interstitial to disabling the author's access to their Blogger or Google account. 

Also note that Repeated violations may result in permanent restrictions or deactivation.

My Close:

Navigating Blogger's Content Policy requires a delicate balance between freedom of expression and responsible blogging. 

As you are armed with this understanding, you can contribute meaningfully to the global conversation while upholding the principles of ethical expression.



Stay clean 

Happy blogging 

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