Best Websites to Build Your Journalism Portfolio

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I am in It, the field of Journalism is dynamic, and a compelling portfolio is one of the your gateways to success. 

Whether you're a budding journalist or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your online presence, the right platform can make all the difference. 

In this Post I shared the best websites that that I came across which  can help you build a robust journalism portfolio.

Sdavidprince site

 You can create a Streamlined and Effective portfolio with

Pricing: is Free;

but you can upgrade to a $9.35 per month plan for additional features.

$9.35 is equivalent to 8,500 Nigerian Naira

Info is created specifically for freelance journalists, and designed with simplicity in mind. 

This platform focuses on showcasing your written work with an easy-to-navigate interface, a simple yet powerful platform for creating easy portfolios. is a straightforward and effective solution for their writing skills.

You can organize your articles by category, making it convenient for potential employers or clients to find the content most relevant to them. 

It also allows the inclusion of multimedia files, PDFs, and links, providing flexibility in presenting your work. 

The Clippings open journalist directory enhances networking opportunities, making it a go-to choice for those aiming to showcase their writing skills.

Using Clippings you will get to keep a "" page.

I also have a site @sdavidprince.  You can have a view of how a clipping site looks like

Create Your Portfolio on site

Visit and seek more details there on their site

Read their Writing Portfolio Guide

Journo Portfolio

Sdavidprince Journo Portfolio site

You can Create your journalism on Journo Portfolio with a User-Friendly Showcase.


 On Journo Portfolio You are Free to upload ten (10) Portfolio Items, 

And for more, you have to upgrade to a minimum plan of ₦3,300 monthly and a maximum plan of ₦7,425  a month for unlimited articles. 

Students gets 50% off their first year of any paid plan.


Journo Portfolio is tailored for journalists, and it stands out as a multimedia-friendly platform. 

With support for links, PDFs, videos, social media, and podcasts, it offers versatility in content presentation. 

Six different themes allow customization, and the platform automatically populates details from article URLs, simplifying the portfolio-building process.

Journo Portfolio can be used as a professional stand alone site with Very Intrusive features;

It allows you to;

Connect Custom Domain Name

Portfolio Items such as posts and so on

Pages like Contact Page, About page, Store page etc.

Languages - Your site could be in your preferred language

Add Collaborators

Upload 120 mins Video/Audio

Backups Articles

Password Protect

Automatic Article Import

Weekly Subscriber Email

Advanced Integrations like integrating with google analytics, search console and mailchimp

Sell products & services by enabling the stor feature

Priority Support

Enable Store setup on Journo Portfolio
Enabling Store setup on Journo Portfolio

Host Your Portfolio on Journo Portfolio

Visit the Journo portfolio Site to get Started

On the free plan you will get to host on a free subdomain "" and have a Home Page

I  have a Journo Portfolio site .sdavidprince.  You can have a view of how a Journo Portfolio site looks like.  I use the Rolde Theme

Muck Rack: 

sdavidprince Muckrack site

Build your Network and Visibility, Create an Automatic Portfolio Compilation of all your works with MuckRack




Muck Rack here streamlines the portfolio-building process by automatically compiling and maintaining your portfolio. 

It gathers your articles from multiple sources into one cohesive presentation. 

While customization options are limited, Muck Rack offers valuable insights, such as social shares and endorsements from fellow journalists, enhancing your professional profile.

In Nigeria MuckRack is the most Used

Disclosure: I'm saying this because most savvy Journalist I know uses MuckRack. {alertSuccess}

Muck Rack is not just a portfolio platform; it's also a networking hub for journalists.

 Create a Muck Rack profile to showcase your work, but more importantly, use it to connect with journalists, editors, and media professionals. 

Muck Rack's journalist database is a valuable resource for those seeking media contacts and building relationships within the industry.

Have Your MuckRack Page

When you register you would be assigned a page where your portfolio would be public.
something like ""

To know more of this platform, you can go through the start guide.

You can also Leverage the Muckrack Academy to take media skills to the next level

Here is my MuckRack Portfolio @ sdavidprince


LinkedIn portfolio

Because of its Networking and Professionalism feature,  LinkedIn is a great portfolio builder.

For me, LinkedIn is more than just a social networking platform. It is a powerful tool for journalists. 

On LinkedIn, you can Create a dedicated "Articles" section on your profile to feature your work. 

Leverage LinkedIn's vast network to connect with editors, fellow journalists, and potential employers. 

Regularly share your articles to increase visibility and engage with the professional journalism community.

Visit LinkedIn 

Connect With me on LinkedIn @sdavidprince


SDavidprince contently

Contently is a more Freelancer-Focused Hub With a design Tailor-Made for Freelancers



Designed specifically for freelance writers and journalists, Contently serves as both a portfolio platform and a networking hub.

It has Unlimited story displays, a rates database, and a rates calculator make it a comprehensive tool for freelancers. 

It facilitates connections with other journalists and freelancers while ensuring you are appropriately compensated for your contributions.

If you're a freelance journalist looking to showcase your work in an organized and professional manner, Contently is the perfect choice. 

It also allows you to curate your articles, multimedia content, and even case studies, offering a comprehensive view of your skills. Contently also facilitates connections with potential clients and publications seeking freelance contributors.

Get Started with Contently

Go to the Contently website to register

Contently give a free subdomain;"" that is where your portfolio would be visible.

check out my contently site @sdavidprince

The Top Sites Built For Journalism portfolios have been listed above. The ones Below are not designed for the purpose but your customization and build can make them adaptive and best suitable.


Best for Social Media Integration



Linktree has a totally Free plan,

To  upgrade for more designs and audience data collection, it costs $5 to step up to Starter package, $7 to Pro package and $24 for premium per month. 


While it is not a traditional portfolio platform, Linktree provides a convenient way to directly link to specific articles from social media accounts. 

Categorization, various templates, and engagement analytics make it an effective tool for directing readers to your content. Linktree serves as a supplementary tool to enhance social media visibility.

Organise your Portfolio on Linktree

visit the linktree website,

Linktree gives a free page to host your links for public view with an adresss like "

Check out how I use Linktree



Medium stands as a versatile platform that caters to both beginners and established journalists. 

Its clean interface and user-friendly design make it easy to showcase your articles. 

With the added benefit of built-in readership and the potential to earn through the Medium Partner Program, this platform is ideal for writers aiming to reach a broad audience.

I'm also on medium @sdavidprince


Blogger site




Blogger as always stand out as a user-friendly platform for majorly blogging.  

With a straightforward interface, Blogger allows users to effortlessly create a site and share their thoughts, insights, and articles.

As a Journalist you can make use of blogger also, and with some ample customizations.

Blogger makes you host your site on a free "". 

Blogger was not built for this, so it would require customizations which means touching some codes. You can still use normal blogger own themes, they are simple and minimal.

Checkout:  Best Portfolio Templates for Blogger

More More Tweaking and Customization you can reach out to me and I'd be glad to be of help.

On Blogger you can achieve prefer a more personalized portfolio, No need for third-party logos and design cage.

 You would be able to create a unique website that reflects your style and brand. Showcase your articles, multimedia projects, and even incorporate a blog to share your insights on the industry. 

Blogger provides the flexibility to tailor your portfolio to your specific needs.

Get Started on Blogger

Visit the website you have to login with your Google account then create a new blog.

If you need more guide on settling on Blogger, Check out my Free Blogger Course and Blogger Handbook.

My blogger site

Wordpress (

WordPress site

Pricing: is Free, and also offers a range of paid plans.


WordPress, known for its adaptability, allows users to create any type of website.

 While ideal for a simple blog on the free version, paid plans offer extensive features and templates. 

Suitable for those who envision expanding their website beyond a portfolio, WordPress provides valuable practice for navigating the platform commonly used by various publications.

Here, I'm talking about Do not be confused, just note that there are two WordPress, and is a blogging platform just like blogger, medium, Tumblr and the rest. While is a CMS to manage and build any type of site. More details on their differences. gives a free subdomain for you to host on. Your site address would be something like "

Getting Started on Wordpress (.com version)

Visit the website. Create your account and add a new site.

If you need more guide on setting  up your WordPress site, Check out my Free Wordpress Course and Wordpress Handbook.


Wix site


Wix Offers a free plan with optional premium plans.


Wix stands as a dynamic website builder, offering a canvas for creativity and design flexibility. 

With its drag-and-drop interface, even those without coding skills can craft visually stunning websites. 

While Wix caters to a wide range of users, its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for journalists and writers seeking a platform to showcase their work in a visually compelling manner.

Wix offers a diverse range of templates, catering to different styles and purposes. Whether you prefer a clean and professional look or a more artistic design, Wix has options to suit your aesthetic.

Wix includes robust blogging features, making it not only a portfolio showcase but also a space for regular content updates. This can be particularly beneficial for journalists aiming to maintain an active online presence. 

It also have more features to be explored when you use the app, like contact form, email and newsletters, multimedia, forum and community. It's packed.

When it comes down to free features, Wix is unrivaled and this platform.

Getting Started on wix

Signup for wix on the wix website

If you need more guide on  starting and managing a Wix site, Check out my Free Wix Course and Wix Handbook.

My Wix Website


Squarespace site


 Squarespace pricing varies based on plan. The minimum plan is $23 the personal plan and a maximum of $65 per month for the Advance Commerce Package.

Offers limited time free trial.


Squarespace provides a versatile platform for building a personalized website with drag-and-drop features. 

While not exclusively targeted at writers, it accommodates designs and infographics seamlessly. 

The platform's adaptability allows journalists to showcase their work creatively, making it a suitable option for those looking to incorporate various elements into their portfolio.

Using Squarespace for your portfolio site

Visit the squarespace homepage and register
Check out Squarespace ready portfolio templates

To Conclude

Armed with the knowledge of these top platforms, journalists can strategically showcase their work, enhance their online presence, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of media careers.

 Choose the platform that aligns with your unique style and career goals, and craft a portfolio that leaves a lasting impression in the dynamic field of journalism.

Have this at the back of your head that, the key to a successful journalism portfolio is not just the platform you choose, but the content you showcase.

 Regularly update your portfolio with your latest and best work, engage with your audience, and use your online presence to position yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable journalist in the digital age.

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