Site Update: Float TOC Added to Post Pages

SDavidPrince Float TOC

Hey Fam! 👋

Sdavidprince here!

It's not been long since last update tho

 Nothing much this time;  Just here to Announce the new 📜 Left Side Floating Table of Contents (TOC).

I hope this enhances your browsing experience on this site. 

The TOC would always appear on post pages.

It  is a small vertical bar on the left side of your screen. Just tap or click it, and voilà! 🚀

This Feature was Implemented because 

Manda asked for it

-  I write long contents posts most times and I keep forgeting to add TOC on top

-  Still Top TOC does not do the trick; You always see it to easily navigate to any head section when you are in a long post but when you are in the mid of a post you have to scroll up to interact with the TOC on top.  yeah use scroll to top.   Still not effienct as this new float.

Benefits of this New Float TOC

👁‍🗨 Easy Navigation

Once expanded, the TOC reveals a comprehensive list of contents for the current post. It's your personal roadmap to quickly navigate through the article.

⚡ Smooth Scroll Experience

No more jumpy scrolls! The scrolling is fine-tuned  for a seamless experience. When you click a section in the TOC, it smoothly takes you to the corresponding part of the post.

🎨 Stylish Highlighting

To make your reading journey even more enjoyable, This TOC have an adds a:subtle highlight to the section you're currently at. It's the little details that count! ✨

I hope this updates make your time on here even more enjoyable and effortless.

 As always, your feedback is invaluable to me! Feel free to explore the new features and let me know what you think.

Happy reading! 📚

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