Using Custom Bookmarklets for Efficient URL Collection for Indexing

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In this post Im talking about Creating and Using Bookmarklets, and a Quick Guide for Using it to Efficiently Collect URL to Submit for  Indexing or Other Purposes

Are you looking for a faster and more efficient way to collect URLs from your website for indexing on search engines like Google and Bing?

 Bookmarklets can be your solution! In this guide, we'll dive into what bookmarklets are, how they can benefit you in quick URL submission for indexing, and how you can create and use them effectively. Plus, I'll explore other ideas for bookmarklets that can make your online activities even more streamlined.

Got it, you want to generate a list of URLs for your posts and pages from your website to submit them to the Google Search Console for indexing. 

Generating the list from your sitemap or feed is a better approach, as it will provide you with the URLs in the correct order of creation.

 Let's proceed with generating the list from your sitemap.

This is a tool I created has has been useful since i started this site and when I did not yet have the attention of Search Engines.

This bookmarklet code  will open a new tab/window with a list of URLs extracted from your sitemap:

Then you can copy it all and Submit to Google Search console or Bing for Indexing.

You can also use this tool for various tasks that requires you to get urls from your site. Instead of copying one after the other, this bookmarklet would do it in matter or simple clicks and taps.

Let's Move on

What are Bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are small pieces of JavaScript code that can be saved as bookmarks in your web browser.

When you click on a bookmarklet, it executes the JavaScript code on the current webpage. They are incredibly versatile and can be used to automate tasks, extract information, modify webpage content, and more.

The Power of Quick URL Collection for Indexing

Getting your website's pages indexed by search engines is crucial for visibility and traffic. 

The faster your new content gets indexed, the sooner it can start attracting organic traffic. 

Especially when search engines don't give your blog attention, and for Blogger Users or HTML site Owners who do not have luxury of Index API, and Plugins;

This is where this bookmarklet come in handy. It will allow you to collect URLs from your website quickly and efficiently, giving you the edge when it comes to submitting URLs for indexing.

To use any code as a bookmarklet:

➪ Create a new bookmark in your browser.

➪ Edit the bookmark and paste the code above into the URL field.

➪ Name the bookmarklet, for example, "Generate URLs."

➪ Save the bookmarklet.

When you visit a page on your website and click on the "Generate URLs" bookmarklet from your bookmarks bar, it will open a new tab/window containing the list of URLs extracted from your sitemap.

Creating and Using a Bookmarklet for URL Collection

Step 1: Writing the JavaScript Code

Here's a simple example of a bookmarklet that collects URLs from your website's sitemap:

javascript:(function() {

  var sitemapURL = 'https://sdavidprince.space/sitemap.xml';



    .then(response => response.text())

    .then(data => {

      var parser = new DOMParser();

      var xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(data, 'text/xml');

      var urls = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('loc');


      var urlList = '';

      for (var i = 0; i < urls.length; i++) {

        urlList += urls[i].textContent + '\n';



      var newWindow = window.open('about:blank', '_blank');

      newWindow.document.write('<pre>' + urlList + '</pre>');




Step 2: Creating the Bookmarklet

- Create a new bookmark in your browser.

- Copy and paste the JavaScript code into the URL field of the bookmark.

- Replace the higlighted url with your sitemap url

- Give your bookmarklet a name and save it.

Step 3: Using the Bookmarklet

-  Open any page on your website.

-  Click on the bookmarklet you created.

-  A new window will open, displaying a list of URLs from your sitemap.

Benefits of Using This Bookmarklet for URL Collection

Speed and Efficiency: 

This Bookmarklet allow you to collect URLs in just a few clicks, saving you time compared to manually copying and pasting each URL.


Since this bookmarklet automate the process, there's no risk of missing any URLs, ensuring comprehensive indexing.

Ease of Use: 

You don't need to be a coding expert to use bookmarklets. Creating and using it is straightforward.

This Bookmarklet has been my secret weapon for efficient URL collection and indexing. 

With just a few clicks, you can also gather URLs and take control of your website's indexing process. Give it a try, and watch your website's visibility soar on search engines!

More Bookmarklets are Coming 


"Bookmarklets" - Mozilla Developer Network.

"Google Search Console: A Complete Guide" - Ahrefs

"How to Get Indexed by Google" - HubSpot. 

Have a bookmarklet idea you'd like  to explore? Share it in the comments below! Let see how we can turn those ideas into time-saving tools.

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