Introducing the "Keep in Box" Feature - Your Personal Storage

Introducing the "Keep in Box" Feature - Your Personal Storage

I love updating this site experience to test my code skills tho but thanks to these amazing scripts i can't help it than to have these features.

And here is what is new!

keep in box
keep in box feature in

I am excited to introduce a new feature that makes your experience on this site even better! 

Say hello to "Keep in Box," your personal storage box on the site where you can save and organize your favorite content with ease.

keep in boxInside the box

What is "Keep in Box"?

"Keep in Box" is Just a feature designed to help you save, organize, and revisit the posts, content, or products that resonate with you. 

It is like a digital chest for this site that serve the purpose of bookmarking and adding to cart.

 It is a Box where you can  curate your own keep or save for later collection of various products, contents, inspiring articles, tutorials, and more on this site.

an empty box
An empty box

What Came About Keep-In-Box 

I thought of having a feature like this  when I received this comment

comment by Adeyemi

And I have also wanted to have a add to cart feature which led me to resourcing for this

Finally I realized bookmark can function as both since the Add to cart feature i needed should be minimal. 

[ This site does not have a backend to handle complex stuffs ( maybe with time i would progress)]

How to Use the "Keep in Box" Feature

keep button by sdavidprince
Keep button

How Does It Work?

Adding content to your "Keep in Box" is simple. 

Just look for the "Keep" button placed right under the post title, after the author's name. 

When you come across a post or product that you want to save for later or reference in the future, click the "Keep" button. It's as easy as bookmarking a page.

This feature uses local storage of your browser so note it saves on the browser used in accessing  If you visit from another browser, you wont access your kept contents. Also, if you clear your browsing cookies; you may loose items kept in the box.

You can always add to your box anytime.

the box icon
The access box icon

Access Your Box

Wondering where your saved posts are stored? 

In the site's header (on the left), you'll find a small box icon. 

Click on it to access your "Keep in Box." Inside, you'll discover all the posts you've kept in your box.

Count on the Counter

The box icon in the header also comes with a counter. This counter keeps track of the number of Items you've saved. It's a quick way to see just how many pieces of inspiration you've collected.

Unclutter and Remove

Change your mind about a saved post? No problem! You can easily remove items from your "Box." 

-  Access your box

-  you will see the "trash/delete" icon beside your kept.

-  Use it to throw away contents you don't need

This cannot be undone but you can always add later in the box using the "keep" button.

I hope you enjoy this new feature and that it adds a touch of convenience and personalization to your experience on Happy keeping!

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