What's Now the Essence

What's Now the Essence


What's now the essence: boy standing in stars galaxy void

By SDavidPrince

What's now the essence of being so lonely?

What's now the essence of being secretive?

What's now the essence of just being myself?

What's now the essence?

What's now the essence of flying solow?

What's now the essence of lil collaboration too?

What's now the essence of what I doo?

What's now the essence?

I've been cheated!

I've been betrayed!

I've been duped!

I've been used!

I've been robbed!

I've been a fool!

What's now the essence?

Let's note I've been used!

Let's know I've been robbed!

I say let us know I've been cheated!

Let us note I've been betrayed!

So where is trust?

Where is that feeling?

Where is hope?

Still life Abi?

Inside Life... 

It's still somewhere


What is now the essence?


This poem appears to explore themes of loneliness, secrecy, self-identity, collaboration, and feelings of betrayal and being used.
 It delves into questions about the essence of these emotions and experiences in the speaker's life. 
The repetition of "What's now the essence?" emphasizes the search for meaning and purpose amid these feelings. 
The poem also touches on the loss of trust, hope, and the persistence of life despite challenges. 
The final question, "What is now the essence?" suggests a continued quest for understanding and significance in the face of adversity.


1. Loneliness and Isolation: 

The poem starts with a contemplation of loneliness, highlighting the feeling of being alone and questioning its essence. This theme reflects a sense of isolation and solitude.

2. Secrecy and Self-Identity: 

The poem explores the theme of secrecy, suggesting that the speaker may have hidden aspects of themselves. It also touches on the idea of discovering and embracing one's true self.

3. Collaboration vs. Individuality: 

The lines "What's now the essence of flying solow?
What's now the essence of lil collaboration too?" of the poem questions the essence of both flying solo, so low and collaborating with others. The word solow was a neologism introduced as a wordplay of the words "solo" and "so low", implying a sense of feeling down or low in spirits and not being among and also being by oneself without companionship.

 The lines raises the theme of individuality versus working together with others in various aspects of life. 

4. Betrayal and Deception: 

The middle section of the poem expresses feelings of betrayal, being duped, used, and robbed. These themes highlight a sense of trust being broken and the pain associated with deception.

5. Loss of Trust and Hope: 

The poem laments the loss of trust and hope, indicating a sense of disillusionment and questioning the existence of these positive emotions.

6. Continuation of Life: 

Despite the challenges and negative experiences described, the poem suggests that life continues, and there is a sense of resilience.
The ending use of pidgin slang "inside life" and "still life abi?"  in the poem effectively conveys the inner conflict and resilience the speaker is experiencing. "Inside life" suggests the complexities of the speakers' personal journey, while "Still life Abi?" reflects the hesitations and doubts that the speaker may have about staying true to himself despite challenging circumstances. This is to emphasize uniqueness and determination to remain true to who you are despite external pressures. No matter what happens in this life, life continues.

Figures of Speech:

1. Repetition:

 The repeated use of the phrase "What's now the essence?" is an example of anaphora, which serves to emphasize the central question of the poem and create a rhythmic pattern.

2. Rhetorical Questions: 

The poem is filled with rhetorical questions that invite reflection and contemplation but don't necessarily require answers. These questions help convey the speaker's inner turmoil and confusion.

3. Parallel Structure: 

The poem employs parallel structure in the lines beginning with "I've been cheated!" and "I've been used!" This repetition of structure emphasizes the speaker's sense of being wronged and adds to the poem's rhythm.

4. Metaphor: 

The lines "Where is trust?" and "Where is hope?" use metaphor to personify abstract concepts, making them feel more tangible and relatable.

5.  WordPlay or Pun:

The word "solow"  used in the poem, is a playful and creative combination of "solo" and "so low," which adds richness and complexity to the poem's expression

6. Colloquialism

Using the phrase "Inside life" in the poem incorporates elements of pidgin slang.  "Inside life" reflects a specific cultural context that conveys that everything that happens is still inside life and that life continues.
The phrase "Still life Abi?" in the poem also incorporates elements of pidgin slang and colloquial language. In this context, "Abi?" is a colloquial question tag used in some African pidgin languages, including Nigerian Pidgin. It's similar in function to asking "Isn't it?" or "Right?" in English. This use of language adds depth to the poem's message, emphasizing uniqueness and determination to remain true to who you are despite external pressures.

7. Imagery: 

While the poem is relatively straightforward in its language, it paints a vivid emotional landscape, using imagery to convey feelings of betrayal, being robbed, and the persistence of life.

Overall, the poem "What's now the essence" explores a range of emotional themes and employs figures of speech with a aim to create a sense of introspection and reflection . The repetition and rhetorical questions give the poem a contemplative tone, while the themes of loneliness, betrayal, and the search for meaning resonate with the human experience.

Thanks for reading ✔️ This was an Outburst of my emotion. When writing Lines like this I'm not usually in a state I would later on remember. This words are expression of that feeling and the analysis was done after-on. 😁 I had to read as a normal reader to Analyze these poured down thought; In the Analysis, I must have skipped some meaning to what I felt when writing the Poem. You should digest and understand it in your own way.

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