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Add This Plug-in Disabled

Add This Plug-in Disabled


Add this

Add this Widgets on this site are now all disabled

One of the bes functionality of this site has ceased to exist.

It's the addthis plugin that is responsible for the sharing button, image share, email capture functionality.

Addthis has been one of the best plugin on this site with great functions that contributes to the site experience.

Now I'll miss those tools as the Addthis company has terminated the AddThis Services.

According to what was stated on the Addthis site, this termination of service is as part of a periodic product portfolio review. They noted that Oracle has made the business decision to terminate all AddThis services effective as of May 31, 2023.

Following this, I had to immediately cease the use of AddThis services, and promptly remove all AddThis related code and technology from this website.

AddThis buttons has now disappeared from the  websites;

the AddThis dashboard associated with my registration for AddThis, and all support for AddThis services, will no longer be available;

all features of AddThis configured to interoperate with this site, any other Oracle services, or any third-party tools and plug-ins will no longer function.

I plan to replace with an alternative Sharethis or Addtoany

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