Update: Quick Link Icons Hero Section by TechyLeaf for Effortless Navigation!


SDavidPrince here!  and here is another update made to the site design and structure that aims to make  browsing experience even more delightful and efficient. 

This update is the Quick Link Icons Hero Section by TechyLeaf, designed to provide you with seamless navigation and quick access to the sites' content!

πŸŽ‰ What's the Quick Link Icons  Hero Section?

Quick link hero

The Quick Link Icons which is also a Hero Section serve as a dynamic gateway to our website's different sections, giving you instant access to the part you're looking for.  Not for everyone but you'll have to use as this section showcases a visually appealing hero image along with quick link icons representing various sections and category on the site. 

You can source it's code here from TechyLeaf, the original code uses SVG. Since the site already use font awesome and it's already part of the load time, why not also use font awesome. This was a suggestion by Matthew... 

This is the code of the original 

See the Pen KeyBlogging Cayegory SVG by S David Prince (@sdavidprince) on CodePen.

I had to change the SVG code to integrate with Font awesome thus re-coding another version that uses font-awesome icons. 

There are still talks, theories that suggests using SVG is the best and that it load doesn't reflect on the site speed ... Well I never loved the long code of SVG materials. It's somewhat scary and thus adopted the use of font-awesome.

Its Benefits - the icon hero section

I thought and hope it will be of these benefits tho

1. 🌟 It might help in Finding what you need easily. With the quick link icons, you can swiftly jump to the content that interests you the most.

2. 🎯 Whether you're a seasoned reader or a newcomer, this integration might give you a quick overview of the site and let you dive into the part that aligns with your interests.

3. πŸ“š  The quick link icons will make it simple to explore new topics and discover content you might have missed.

4. πŸ–Ό️ I'll add this cause I loved the fact that The hero icons adds a captivating touch to the website design. 

Locating the Quick Link Icons and Hero Section is a breeze. As you visit our homepage or navigate through  contents on SDavidPrince space, you'll spot the hero section prominently displayed below. The quick link icons are clickable and will lead you to the respective links.

 It's like having a personalized map to the website's treasure trove of knowledge! πŸ‘€

We're always on the lookout for ways to enhance your time spent on our site, and the Quick Link Icons and Hero Section by Key2Blogging are our latest additions to streamline your journey. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for reading or scrolling up till here πŸ˜…. I was in the best mood while writing thisπŸ₯΄ I hope it wouldn't be edited later on. 

I hope the Quick Link Icons Hero Section bring an extra layer of convenience and excitement to your browsing adventure!

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