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Logo For SdavidPrince Yeeeh!

Logo For SdavidPrince Yeeeh!

SDP sdp, sdavid prince logo favicon icon customised and official all right reserved
sdavidprince logo
Moving it in
wrapping it all
all I could think of is green.
so, what is green?
green is what I thought of
so what?

Yeeeeh ! I finally got an official Pic Identify.

I'm not the type that fancy talking pics of myself or anything 😩 I do not even know how to take pictures of myself. I do not know when to also. 

I just hide behind the texts and drawings. πŸ™‚ I knew I needed a Logo to replace those annoying areas of the internet that would say "Upload a profile pic". 

And yes I got to pull it off once again all by myself. I am a graphics designer afterall.

Trust me this wasn't easy πŸ˜‘

I have designed a number of logos and coming up with a design for mine just left me blank.

When I couldn't come up with anything more. I just thought I should make is a simple from the name "SDavidPrince".

And from that, I took the first letters "SDP" 

I didn't even have to make a sketch for how it would look.

I just went on to Adobe illustrator then that was what I pulled out from it.

πŸ€— In my opinion the logo is okay. I had problem with color choices but I left it as Green for the time being - apart from teal and Coral, green is my next favorite color 


Enjoy the site

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