How to Create An HTML Sitemap on Blogger Blogspot - Simple code Script


If you have and manage a blogspot site or a blogger account, you would be familiar with this self host medium. 
You should know that blogger hosted site do not have the luxury of plugins and tools that can automate the run of your site and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To make a site visible to search engine and easy navigation for the readers, a HTML site map is needed.

What is the HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap allows your blog readers who want to search and Navigate your blog using labels and keywords. 

The default XML sitemap which is for search engine robots cannot be read and Google SEO always recommends considering blog readers first instead of focusing on search engine robots.

With an HTML site map on your blogspot site, you will be able to provide simple navigation. This has its own importance given the fact that nowadays online readers have lots of things to spend their data on. People want quick and effective options.

To enable this, you can create an HTML sitemap on your Blogger blog. The HTML Sitemap will sort posts in different ways. It will show blog posts in chronological order and additional friendly features.

The best about the HTML Sitemap feature is that blog readers can click the headings Post title, Date of publishing, and labels to sort blog posts as per their choice.

Steps to Create An HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger

To create an HTML sitemap for your blogspot site, follow this simple process.

Procedure 1: Create A Blog Page

This is for the sitemap entry. To create the page
- Open the Blogger dashboard
- Navigate to the Pages menu given on the left sidebar
- Click on the New Page button.
- Enter the title of the HTML Sitemap page. You can title it SiteMap. You are free to give it any other suitable title like Table of Content.
- Add an HTML sitemap function or script. For this you have to switch to HTML view.
- Add in a HTML sitemap script code on the page. You can copy and paste this given code.

HTML Sitemap Code

Warning: Don’t publish this code using the Compose view. Otherwise, it will not work.

- After pasting this script, you can disable comments on the sitemap page. This option is given under the Options menu given on the right sidebar.

- Finally, publish the page.

Procedure 2: Add HTML Sitemap Page to the Main Menu

Here you will be adding the newly created page to a bar in your blog. This will make it visible on your site for clicks.

The HTML sitemap page have to be at a perfect location where your readers can easily access it. You can place it on the main menu, sidebar, or footer. 

For this tutorial, wevare adding this page to the main for easy access.

- Navigate to the Layout menu given on the left sidebar of the blogger dashboard. There you can add the Pages gadget where you want. We are adding the Pages gadget to the page list (top).

- Add the HTML sitemap page to blog.
To do this click on the Edit pencil. A pop-up box will open, you see the created “HTML Sitemap” page. Tick the check box to add this to the main menu.
- Make sure the link to the page is not broken.

 Testing the Operation

Like every other performed changes you have to test the update made to your site. This is to make sure there are no errors and to know the run of the new update. To test and confirm the new customization,
- view your site or blog
- Navigate to the new page like how a reader would do
- click on it and keep note to the change.

That's All

I hope both you and your readers enjoy this HTML sitemap update to the fullest. Don’t forget to share this post with your blogger friends. This is my fist blogger post to help the blogger community. Lemme know if there are other problems to solve for the community. My site is hoted by blogger for free this is what I can at least do to help the company. 

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