How the New Thread App Works

How the New Thread App Works

How the New Thread App Works

The new Threads App – the Meta version of  Twitter – is now live, and 10 million users or so joined in just 7 hours on July 5, 2023, – including me.

The app still has limited functionality compare to twitter. 

Thread just had to pop in after the controversial use of twitter when Elon Musk acquired it and (twitter)  rebranded as  'X'.

How the Thread app works

To join, download the app on your phone. It’s currently not available on desktop.

The feed is based on an algorithm, and you cannot read posts from only the people that you follow for now. That has positives and negatives. 

In these early days of the app, I enjoyed connecting with new people.

 I like the sleek design and overall usability so far of the app. The dark color is also very appealing to my eyes.

You can like and repost other people’s posts and post your own content. Currently, the post types that are available are:

  • Text only
  • Pre-recorded video (from your camera roll on your phone – the app is only available on phones for now)
  • Images
  • Links to articles

That's all

Tips for maximizing the Threads app experience

On my first day using the app, diving back into the social scene was a blast connecting with new accounts,, and enjoying the mutual exchange of follows. 

There is a lot of follow for follow going on on threads.

Don't be distracted by that, it's essential to still recognize that the initial excitement might not sustain itself solely through novelty. Enjoy it all.

For a more fulfilling experience on Threads, it's  align your activity with your broader content strategy. 

Share your expertise, foster genuine interactions, and strive to provide value to your audience. 

Authenticity is key; the principles that drove early successes in social media still hold true here.

As Threads continues to evolve, we may see changes in its features and functionalities. 

Advertising hasn't made an appearance yet,  However, Enjoy thread app ad-free lol.

If you run a business you can still make use of the app organic exploration and potential without ads. just find and connect to your audience.

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