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Creation Tales - A Poem

Creation Tales - A Poem

Creative tales

By SDavidPrince 

In realms unseen by human eyes,
Where stars embrace celestial skies,
A tapestry of words unfurls,
In a poem yet to grace the world.

Where moonbeams dance on silver streams,
And whispers carry secret dreams,
There lies a verse untouched by pen,
A symphony of words, amen.

With ink of stardust, I shall write,
Unleashing magic in the night,
Each line a spell, a dazzling rhyme,
Capturing souls, transcending time.

The sun will weep in sheer delight,
As morning reads this wondrous plight,
The earth shall tremble with its might,
As mountains sing, a rare delight.

The oceans shall recite each line,
In rapturous waves, a gift divine,
And birds will soar upon the air,
Trilling melodies beyond compare.

Through ancient forests, whispers blow,
The winds themselves, the verses know,
The flowers bloom in sweet accord,
Bathing in words that strike a chord.

Oh, may this poem, untold, unseen,
Awaken hearts, fulfill a dream,
A masterpiece, born from my quill,
A testament to passion's thrill.

And as I pen these lines of art,
With every beat of my poet's heart,
May this creation, yet unknown,
Be the best poem the world has ever known.

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