Cinematic Mode – New iPhone 13 Feature which made a Difference

iPhone 13 White series


Big tech company, Apple Inc, just held its annual September event and has released it newly developed model of the iPhone series. If you are still usinging the old series or you are still upset with the fact that models of the previous launches have just some little changes in specs. the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12; Yeah if you know what I mean.


This year, t is almost like that but the newly launched iPhone 13 has just shockiling drawn me in even if as I am not much of a Apple fan. What draws my wow to the iPhone 13 is just one newly added feature that I consider could lead to the evolution of smart phones in another dimension. This time it is not about the battery capacity, GPU or any other specs I have seen. And I got to admit Android did’nt see this coming and maybe Android users will have to wait a year or more to enjoy this feature.

Apple INC Building

You might still be wondering what it is: oh it’s just  a new camera feature called cinematic mode, and it is designed to help filmmakers and amateurs shoot and edit better footage from their devices.

Featuring Apple cinematic mode in Action

How did I get to this? This year event witnessed the launch of the iPhone 13 series in four different variants – iPhone 13 mini, ‌iPhone 13‌, iPhone 13 Pro, and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max. And as it has always been, the new series come with increased battery life and efficiency, as well as brighter and better displays. Adding to all these, this year brings some new additions that are set to shake up the camera market once again, with the new iPhone 13 cinematic modes.


Featuring Apple cinematic mode in Action

So why is it that special and why am I exited? The cinematic mode is powered by the mobile new A15 Bionic chip that comes with every model of the iPhone 13 and has a battery life of up to 2.5 hours longer.


The Bionic processor uses its processing power and multi-frame image processing pipeline to create a depth of field effect.

Featuring Apple cinematic mode in Action

The cinematic mode is more like a portrait mode for video with smart focus, tracks on the focus of different objects and features on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models.


The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models, coming with large lenses, use the stereo disparity between the wide and ultra-wide cameras to generate a depth map, which software can later use to selectively blur the foreground and background and simulate any chosen f-stop.


iphone 13 models

The larger sensors in these phones will lend the footage shallower native depth-of-field than previous phones, the depth map allows for additional computational blur much like the Portrait Mode that is so popular on Smartphone devices these days.


The iPhone predictably switches focus rapidly based on the subjects in your scene, blurring the background, without any work from the user.


This new mode allows users to adjust the aperture, or f-stop, to change the depth-of-field after a video is been shot. It also allows users to change what is in focus, or rack focus from one subject to another, after the fact, including the level of bokeh applied in videos.


iphone 13 cinematic mode

Cinematic mode is on the back camera, and also on the front camera, and shoots in Dolby Vision HDR. And that is it! This is what I’m exited bout? Yes…


The iPhone 13 release date is September 24 for all four models. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available to pre-order on Friday, September 17 in the U.S. and U.K. Nigeria nko? MxM…


In terms of the starting prices, the iPhone 13 mini costs $699  converting to Naira should be N389,343, iPhone 13 costs $799  calculated to be equivalent to N445,043), iPhone 13 Pro goes for $999  which equals N556,443 and iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1,099 (N612,143).



At the time of writing this post, the exchange rate used in calculating prices (Dollar conversion) stands at  N557/$1 at the black market.


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