About Neuralink - the synchronization of AI to Cybernetics

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Neuralink Corporation is a neurotechnology company that develops implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). Co-founded by Elon Musk, Max Hodak and Paul Merolla, the company is headquartered in the Pioneer Building in San Francisco, sharing offices with OpenAI.

Neuralink was first publicly reported in March 2017. Since its founding, the company has hired several high-profile neuroscientists from various universities. By July 2019, it had received $158 million in funding (of which $100 million was from Musk) and was employing a staff of 90 employees.

At that time, Neuralink announced that it was developing a brain-computer interface to allow humans to communicate with computers and to control prosthetic limbs and other external devices.

The company also stated its goal to be the creation of devices that can be used to treat neurological conditions, and ultimately to create a symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence.

As seen the company first product is a brain-machine interface that consists of a implantable device that is able to record and stimulate brain activity. The device is implanted into the skull and is connected to a computer via a cable

Musk has said he wants Neuralink's technology to be available to help people with quadriplegia or other disabilities by 2025. The company is currently testing the device on animals, and has begun human trials since 2020.

During a presentation in 2019, the Neuralink team revealed to the technology of the first prototype they had been working on.

It is a system that involves ultra-thin probes that will be inserted into the brain, a neurosurgical robot that will perform the operations and a high-density electronic system capable of processing information from neurons.

Neuralink showed the tiny chip implanted in a pig's brain that allowed it to hear and respond to sounds. The company said it had also implanted the chip in a monkey, which was able to control a computer with its thoughts.

Since then, Neuralink has been on the move to create devices that would allow humans to interface with artificial intelligence, and to eventually create a symbiosis between the two.

This would allow humans to augment their own intelligence with that of machines, and to ultimately create a super intelligence.

The steps taken by musk and the Neuralink team….. Emm let's leave  it this way that's about the Neuralink.

Are you among those who advocate that Artificial intelligence is taking our jobs? do you think implants are the only way for humans to be relevant in future? Do you also think this Neuralink step is a route to counter artificial intelligence through the use of cybernetics and  implants? Just check my  posts on these cyborgs stuff.

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