A Shift to Disqus Comment System:

 🔀 Finally to Enhance User Interaction and Comic Experience!

Blogger to Disqus

I've recently made an exciting transition – the site have switched to the Disqus comment system from the initial default Blogger comment system it used to use.
Disqus comment

 I know it's a big step and I'll also share the reasons behind this decision. 

As part of my ongoing efforts to improve experience on this site, i've considered and explored the pros and cons of both comment systems best suitable for the site. 
Blogger comment

Just note that I love Blogger default comment alot but had to opt for Disqus. It might be for a while 🥴 and I fear it would be permanent. Mxm Here's why I settled for Disqus:

🗨️ Simplified User Experience
Blogger vs disqus comment dashbord

I think I understand the concept of convenience and I still think leaving blogger comment system on is better because I can easily manage comments right on the blogger dashboard but with Disqus, I'll have to manage from their dashboard.. mxm I don't mind this at least I now I can assign moderators without them having access to the site contents. And as for viewers commenting convenience, which matters more, Disqus is streamlined as a good option, as you can use your existing Disqus account or log in through various social media platforms to comment. While I still acknowledge the appeal of anonymous commenting and Url free commenting on the Blogger system, 
Comment Disqus vs blogger

This reason sure made me have hesitations, but Blogger only allow comment using Google account, and I think not everyone should be forced to comment with their google accounts. Share your thoughts.

📜 Rich Media Compatibility

A key factor that influenced my decision was the flexibility Disqus offers when it comes to media. Unlike the Blogger comment system, Disqus allows you to embed GIFs, images, videos, and even use rich text formatting, including spoiler tags. This enhancement paves the way for more engaging and interactive discussions, especially as we introduce comics to our platform.

Blogger comment is so simple I loved it but I had to give it up 🥴 also disqus fits the comic section.

↩️ Nested Comment Replies

I've seen other blogger site achieve this perfect nested comment but most still only have two level nest. 

Incase you are wondering... Nested Comment is also known as thread commenting. It is a common comment structure that allows commenting, and replying to a comment. On blogger most site users don't seem to be able to reply to a comment reply which would be 3 nest levels That's it when this site still run on blogger comment, commenters could reply to any comment but you can't reply again to the replied comment. 

All these reply reply reply 🥴 hope you understand. The point here is that on Blogger you cannot thread.

 Disqus on the other hand has a mordern support to nested comment replies and even a long Thread just like a mini thread or twitter lol. Disqus allows for seamless interactions between commentors, facilitating threaded conversations and enhancing engagement.

🌗 Integration with Dark Mode

I know this reason is not actually a reason but it's it's a reason why I left blogger🥴. This is not blogger fault in anyway. It's my fault tho, I had the site theme integrated with dark mode, and because this site comment section was built to be an iframe, it posed as a challenge in customizing the section to be dark mode adaptive.

I tried and got a way to do it tho and it was good but messy somehow. I don't know what I missed;💁🏾‍♂️ any designer or developer willing to help' I'd appreciate.

This fault is another reason I accepted Disqus on the site is a priority, and we understand the challenges posed by iframes. The Disqus comment system seamlessly adapts to our theme's dark mode, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience for all readers.

🔌 Simplifying the Experience

Although I am aware that Disqus does come with its own set of challenges – such as requiring registration for comments and displaying ads – I've weighed the benefits and concluded that these minor inconveniences are outweighed by the enhanced user experience and interactive capabilities it offers. Yes to the fair.

Well moving to Disqus was also still at a cost to me 🥴

Apart from the fact that I won't be able to control comments easily from the blogger platform, and the registration and ads flaws that come with Disqus, here are other note worthy things I pain with for switching to disqus.

Lost the luxury or comment record on top of posts
No more number of comments label on any post or widget

Lost old comments
I somehow couldn't get to import old comments

Slow page load
I've fixed this partially with lazy loading tho

SEO impact
Search engine won't crawl disqus comments so now to search engine no comments are available on the blog

No customization
I have no control to customize the disqus appearance. There are still pretty good options on disqus admin dashboard to customize and also somehow I managed to make it adaptable with dark mode.

Little privacy
I still don't like the fact that you can easily anonymously comment or use your own URLs. and also Disqus saves your data.

I still can't beat the fact that it's the best from a user perspective.

Let's embrace this transition, I still want you to know that I find your feedback and engagement incredibly valuable. Your input helps shape this platform. If you have any questions or concerns about this switch, or if you'd like to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you.
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